Monday, December 10, 2012


     Hm what can I say...I know I haven't done the best at blogging lately, but this certain topic has been so heavy on my heart lately.... So here goes (side note- I am not posting this as a bashing of any sort this is my thoughts on this thing and please do not get offended because I in no way intend for this to be offensive)  Zach and I have been visiting churches off and on for the past year and a half in search of a place we can call our home church.  Since that time we have probably visited 5 to 7 churches, a couple of them we visited more than once thinking we had found some potential only to realize it wasn't the right fit after all.  I have to say though the absolutely most heart breaking thing about visiting all of those churches was only 1,  can I say that again ONE,  at some point during the service offered salvation!!!  A lot of the services ended in a prayer, but not even a  "if you felt Jesus pulling you during the service maybe now is the time to let Him in"....NOTHING!  I am on the road to getting my relationship back on track with God and I'm not one to say oh this is how things should be, but if we are the body of Christ and our mission while on this earth is to reach out to the unbeliever, shouldn't we be offering this one simple part of a service to the possible unbeliever sitting in the midst?  I am not placing all the blame on the church because we as believers should be prepared to share the good news whenever asked or if someone just wants to know why we are so happy!  It's just really been hitting me the great impact we can have on people in the smallest of ways and I want to be sure my life is reflecting a humble believer who has the joy of the Lord!
        Which brings me to the next point on church..I believe having this joy and being able to spread it, is being washed in the WORD!!!  Out of all the churches, 3 read from the Bible, yes my friends at church sometimes they don't read from the Bible! If they did have the Bible in the sermon it was a quick reference to the "series" they were currently in.  I am currently doing the Breaking Free bible study and I feel like I have dove deeper in the Word and have the yearning to read beyond what is in the study... Not very often do churches inspire me to do such a thing anymore. Having the knowledge of the Bible is so important to be able to share to the unbeliever... If we are going to church and not hearing it and knowing what it says is true how are we suppose to spread that good news?  I have to say one of the most enjoyable sermons I have heard recently was at my sisters church where the pastor not only read from the bible he made it applicable to my life!  Wait isn't that what its suppose to be?
   What happened to sermons like that?  What happened to reading the Word?  What happened to being the church God called us to be??  Not sweeping sins under the rug for fear of losing members, not speaking the truth in fear of stepping on toes, making the worship more about the lights and the sound instead of the beautiful words of praise to offer up to Him, not making church just a routine to make sure people know we are "christians" and that we went to church, treating church with the respect of what it is a HOLY PLACE,  and not a social club or  HIGH SCHOOL with cliques?  I am pretty sure Jesus didn't mind stepping on toes to make sure people knew He was there and the reason why He was there! I'm sorry if the offends anyone, but I am HIGHLY OFFENDED that church is no longer what it use to be... a place for a sinner to find repentance, a place for the down in out to find joy unspeakable, a place for the sick to be made whole, a place to pray and worship with fellow believers.. I firmly believe that my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  I have made it my souls prayer to be the mighty woman of God, that I reflect Christ's love in everyone I come in contact with....I pray God leads me and my family to the right church so we can be useful instruments in the God's kingdom!
    I know this is a little all over the place, but I can't tell you how renewed, convicted, and free  I feel just spending sometime with My God!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Chandelier revealed!

And here is the picture of the chandelier in our bedroom!  Like I said before there is still some more work to be done in the bedroom, but it is coming along just fine!! :)

GAHH!  I'm in love!  :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My DIY projects and Things I am working on!

 I thought I would write a short blog and show some various DIY project I have done over the past year!  I love DIY something about the look for less gives me and adrenaline rush! :)  There is also that feeling of pride when someone says they love this or that and you can say oh I made that ;)  Enjoy!

My Goodwill find!!  $5.00 for 5 8x10              A coat of black paint and black and white photos!      
frames!                                                              Printed BW photos from Walmart $15.00!

$.99 Wood Boards black paint, mod podge,  yellow ribbon, and photos!

So sad I didn't take a before picture, but this was a silver chandelier we got at The Boneyard on Raymond Hill for $34.00!  I can't wait to hang this in the bedroom!

Our master bedroom coming together!  I need to raise the curtain rods, add pillows to the bed, paint the tray ceiling....and the list could keep going!  Hoping to post with the chandelier tomorrow!



Friday, August 17, 2012


Wow I never thought motherhood would be as challenging as it is!!  Well I knew it was going to be the hardest thing I ever experienced, but its nothing like you think, you really can't prepare for it haha!   I have enjoyed every minute of it though!  Baylor is definitely a handful and he loves constant attention on him!   He is growing sooo fast I really can't believe my eyes!  Here are a few pictures of him from the past couple of months!

He seriously he cracks me up daily with all the silly things he does! He just turned 3 months on the 10th and currently just rolled over 2 times last week but hasn't since then!  He also loves his hands and feet and putting them in his mouth!!!! He has also really found his voice lately and the coos have definitely become babbles!  I think he also might me teething since the drool has literally tripled and I have noticed on the bottom right side it looks a little inflamed!  Here are his stats for the past couple of months:
Birth: 8lbs 11oz 20" long
11 days old: 9lbs 1 oz 20 1/2" long
1 month: 11lbs 6 oz 22" long
2 months: 14lbs 1 oz 24 1/2" long
I haven't taken him for a weight check this month yet so I will probably just wait til his 4 month appointment!   I think for a exclusively breastfed baby that is dang good!  He obviously loves to eat

In other things Zach and I just bought a new car a 2012 Hyundai Sonata!  We love it!! Especially all the gas that we are saving!!  We are also currently looking for a church and I am so ready to find one to get plugged into!!  I miss being a part of the Body of Christ!  I want to know God on a deeper level that where I am now and I am super excited to be starting a online bible study with my friend Jamie!  She and my sister have been such a blessing to me lately and keeping me uplifted!  I have been struggling with being sad about living in Newnan lately and missing my family and friends so much and I think thats were I am needing to be apart of a church again so I can meet new friends and of course be closer to my Saviour!!  Ok I think that is all for today Baylor is needing some love :)  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Baylors Birth Story

While my sweet baby is sleeping I am going to try to write his birth story cause I never want to forget the memory of having my sweet son!  Ok so it all began when I hit my due date and was only feeling sporadic contractions and nothing significant... I went to the doctor and they checked me and said I was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced, but the baby was nice and low and I was favorable for an induction. My favorite midwife at Greystone Stephanie was the one who I was hoping would deliver the baby said she was on call and she could do it the next day if I wanted.  So I instantly was like ok!! So I called Zach after my appointment and told him the news that we would be having a baby tomorrow (May 10).  I feel like that is when things got really real! So when we got home we just relaxed and enjoyed our last night as a couple, got Olive Garden to go and went to bed really early since we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am!  I wasn't nervous til we went to bed and I could not sleep to save my life!  I think I finally dosed off around 12:30, but woke up at 3:30am got on facebook and finally just got up at 4:30 to take a shower and get ready to head to the hospital. 

When we got all checked into the hospital and got me in the bed it was 8:00 am and time to get things started.  Stephanie checked me and said I had dilated to a 3 over night and about 80%  which was good so now it was time to break my water and start the pitocin in my IV, and holy S that stuff made the contractions start coming!  Well I was soooo nervous about everything that was about to happen I was shaking because I just do not deal well with pain at all.... So they offered me some medicine to take the edge off and would make me really sleepy... my parents and brother were in the room and I remember as my nurse was saying now some people this makes them laugh as soon as she said these the giggles would not stop!  I mean I thought everything was hilarious and it was making the water come out of me so I kept feeling like I was peeing on myself which made everything that much more funny!  Well about this time they said they were not able to pick up my contractions very well on the moniter so they were going to have to put in a internal moniter....AHHH this hurt so bad!!! I literally thought I was going to die at that moment cause it was just torture!  The only good thing that came out of that was I dilated to a 4 and I was now ready to get the epidural!!  EPIDURAL=HEAVEN!!  I don't know how people go natural with child birth!  It was about 11:30 after they got the epidural in and checked me again at a 5.  My dad came back in and was like I leave and you are about to cry you are in so much pain, I come back you are relaxed and texting lol!  Not much was really going on now so everyone decided to go get lunch and bring Zach something back...well from the time they left at 1 to 1:45 I had gone from a 5 to fully thinned out and a 9 with the babys head "right there"  Zach called everyone and to come back!  She said they would wait a few minutes and come back to check so my parents come in while Zach went and ate real quick the midwife comes back in and says time to check ya...everyone says ok see ya in a few minutes...she checks and says Im a 9 1/2 during a contraction if I want to take some practice pushes just to see what happens..Apparently I was good at pushing cause they said lets do this!  So I started pushing which was so weird cause I couldn't feel anything thanks to that handy epidural, they tell me to wait for a minute so they can get their masks and stuff on and all I wanted to do was push!  The next thing I knew I was pushing and the midwife was telling Zach to look at the head cause his eyes and nose were out and then VOILA out came the baby at 2:27pm!! 
8lbs 11 oz and 20" long with a 14" head!  I remember saying Oh my that just happened! I was crying and Zach was crying and all I knew was this instant love I had for him!  Gah makes me wanna cry now!  I have to say as scared as I was that by far was the most amazing experience of my life!  :) 

Excuse the legs!  ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time is flying and crawling!

So last weekend I had back to back showers that were so very amazing and so many people blessed us with sooo many good things!  I mean I just have to say I have some AMAZING family and friends!!!  I hate that I take pictures at the beginning of the shower, but then somewhere along the way I lose it and forget to take pictures with people :(   but here are a few from both showers!

Me and Zach :) Im huge!

My little set up at Nannies

Lily posing!

Me and Amber!

The tree with stuff on it :)

As gifts were coming :)

Kitchen :)

Amazing cake by Baby Cakes!!!

Those bird nests were soooo YUMMY

Pretty spread!

One thing is certain is my family is the best!! :)
Other news we have began the weekly visits to the doctors which is so crazy I can't believe in 15 days (give or take some) I will be holding sweet little Baylor!  I am trying to get over being sick right now so I can handle the labor and be able to breathe!  Zach and I were both a couple of sickies this weekend which was just sad! Thankfully we are both getting better so we don't get Baylor sick when he arrives! I have stopped working which has been sooooo weird since I have worked since I was 15 and now that I don't work I feel a little lost.  Its been good though since I was sick so I could rest and get things together!  Hmmm what else...A little distracted right now cause I swear Baylors hand or leg or something is pushing on my hip!  One thing I can not wait to get in shape after I have Baylor, I really want to be a HOT mom lol!  I know this is crazy to already be thinking, but I don't want this weight to stick on me forever!  I am obviously being smart as far as I know it took me 9 months to put it on so I am going to give myself 9 months to get it off!  Its not going to fall off and I am going to work hard, but dang it I want to look good again not only for me, but for my husband too! :)  Well time to get this day started and get things done!  Hopefully when I write again I will have a sweet little baby! :)  EEEKK!

Monday, April 2, 2012

And so the time is coming closer and closer

Oh wow time is really just flying.. The other night me and Zach were lying in bed and I was like do you realize in a month and a half we will have a baby with us...Zach was excited and I was freaked out! I just sit and think of all the things that need to be done before Baylor gets here, not that there is a lot to do, but mindset wise, holy s* I need to get it together!  I was freaking about how he is going to come out of me, will I be able to take care of him well, praying I don't drop him!  I feel like I should put him in a carrier just to go up and down the stairs! ( I know I am crazy) On the other hand though I am soooo ecstatic to meet this little stranger and can't wait to hold him and kiss him!! He is such a blessing to us!  One thing I can be pretty sure of is I am ready not to be pregnant anymore.  Not that I should complain cause it has been a pretty easy pregnancy, but man oh man do I miss sleeping on my stomach!  There is a long list of crazy stuff I have been going through that I am ready to be done with as well...Breathing like a fat girl, being RIDICULOUS about the smallest things, gaining a pound a week, and this could go on forever!  I also don't like how insecure I feel at times, especially with my marriage! I know I have a good marriage and a trustworthy spouse but something about being pregnant makes you crazy especially when you feel fat and ugly...
   Other happenings in the Sapp House is we are getting ready for Easter this weekend, and back to back showers next weekend!  I can already feel the tiredness!  Also over this past weekend our friends Jamie and Gorham welcomed their son Bennett to the world!  We are so excited for them and I cant wait to meet him!  :)  Hmmm what else.. Ah my fabulous best friend Christi has moved back from Texas and I got to have lunch with her on Thursday and spent time with her and our sisters and let me just say it was a breath of fresh air having us all together again!  Its crazy how some friends you have you can not see them for months or years and you just pick right up!! :) I hate how now I live the farthest from my family and close friends...Well I think I am done for the day seeing how this is kinda short, but being at work isn't the best place to update your blog :)  Have a great week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

SURPRISE its a Baby Shower!

So this week my work totally shocked me with a surprise baby shower!!  They had me and Zach totally fooled! My work had said that we were having a meeting at 1 on Wednesday and then Zachs boss had told him he had a meeting at 1 at the Tennis Center for some air conditioners.... So we had no idea and did not put 2 and 2 together!  It was so sweet!!  We got some really great and useful gifts!!! It was so just soo nice! I just can't believe we are 10 weeks away from meeting our sweet baby boy!!! His nursery is already filling up with so many things!! AAAHHH!!  We finally found a little dresser at Ikea that we like and can stain to the right color which is one less stress we just have to go up there and get it now!  I know I get frustrated in Ikea, but not nearly as bad as Zach...its pretty hilarious! I'm super excited that my sister is starting to sell Pampered Chef and I am hosting  party in a couple weeks and I can't wait to have everyone over!  I love having people at my house and hello Pampered Chef food is sooo delish!!! :) Hmmm I don't think anything else new is going on at the Sapp House so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  Oh and here are some pictures of my gifts from my shower!

Oh I did get my tree painted in Baylors room and here is a picture....

Monday, February 27, 2012

        AH 11 weeks and 3 days until I will be holding a baby...not just any baby MY baby!!  AHHHH SO it really it hit me a few days ago how much life change I have had in the past year!  Well maybe the past 2 years!  Met my wonderful husband in May 2010, married him May 2011, and having a baby in  MAY 2012!!!  Is it just me or do me and Zach LOVE MAY!!! Of course there are a WHOLE lot of things in between that have happened that just make my life so wonderful and am so thankful for everything in it!
         So new things that are happening this week as far as pregnancy would my ever expanding belly, I swear that thing grows by the minute!  I feel the baby just squirming and moving all over the place and he just loves to remind me that he is in there!  One complaint of the week is I have started swelling just a little bit,  well mainly just my fingers, my wedding band is tight so I started wearing it around my neck and keep my engagement ring on!  It makes me sad cause I'm guzzling water to try to prevent the swelling cause I don't want to not be able to wear my rings!  So thats all in the pregnant world!  
        This weekend was pretty uneventful...Friday night we went to Olive Garden with Amanda and that was so fun cause she is so sweet and its just always night to go to dinner with friends!  Saturday Zach worked a side job so I finished up Baylors room as far as getting the crib skirt on the bed and pulled things that I need to wash for him and started freaking out on what to put in a bag for the hospital!  Sunday was just low key since I had to work 1 to 6! It was just a nice low key weekend!  :)  I know I am not very interesting, but hey this blog helps me just vent and talk out how I have been feeling!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A day in the life....of a pregnant woman!

So this is going to be a blog about pregnancy woes!  If you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant you have to admit it would be pretty easy to complain all day every day about each new pregnancy pain you have.... I feel like somedays all I want to do is complain about every weird new thing happening to me!  I have to admit I am pretty ready to have sweet Baylor in my arms and not in my tummy!  I love that he is growing, but I really can't like my growing belly that has recently developed a couple of stretch marks :(.  I have to admit before I got pregnant I had some self image issues and now being pregnant and not being able to stop gaining weight makes me feel just yucky!  I guess thats just another thing no one really tells you about before you become pregnant, yeah you know you are going to gain weight, but you don't really know what type of pregnancy weight you are going to gain...And then there are the hormones...I fully understand the comment in Knocked Up when he is going off on her in the doctors office and says "F-you hormones!"  Somedays I want to say that to myself because what the heck is going on with all these crazy emotions!!  One minute you are sooo happy and the next thing you know you are bawling your eyes out because your husband doesn't understand what you are going through and how your body feels! (Sorry Zach)  Husbands really should get some kind of award for putting up with the craziness!  I can't even count how many times I have just started randomly crying for sadness, but I will get so mad and maybe throw a box of mac and cheese at my husband for slapping my butt one too many times and then cry cause I feel so bad that I threw something and got mad!  I'm telling you I feel crazy sometimes!  Wow I really am just a complaining!  :)  I have to say though for the most part this pregnancy has been very tolerable compared to some people I know...  I do have to say I really do try most days not to complain and just bite my tongue and tolerate it because I know when I see my sweet son I will know it was all worth it!  I am very blessed to have the supportive husband that I do have and I just need to remember that!   
  I did have my first baby shower this weekend and wow it was soo fun!  I got so many wonderful things and loved seeing so many of my wonderful friends and family!!  I really appreciate every gift even if I don't exactly know how to use everything I got :)  I have some pictures to post from it!

My mom made that amazing baby bag!  She is awesome!

Well I think I have complained enough for today I promise I am trying to update this thing more since I dont see everyone as much!  Love all yall!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Time is flying...

I am absolutely the worst at remembering to blog!  Wow time is flying by so fast I feel like I just did announce I was having a baby, and now I am a little over 13 weeks away from delivery!  EEEK! Don't get me wrong I can't wait to hold Baylor in my arms, but  I'm not going to lie I am super nervous about labor and delivery, if you know me you know I HATE pain... I mean I know no one likes pain, but my pain tolerence is, well I don't really have one!  There are just sooo many things to worry about when becoming a new parent!  I feel like I will be a good mom, but I am still worried about the every day life of taking care of this little creature that totally relys on me! Will I remember to change his diaper? feed him on time?  will he like me? will I be able to breast feed?  will he latch on right? am I gonna freak out every time he poops? and what the heck am I suppose to do with that little pee pee?? These are just the worries that go through my head all the time!  Other than that I am excited to be a mom and I am just praying I will do a good job, and raise him to be a mighty man of God!  I really started thinking about that the other do I know my son will love God and accepting Him to be his Saviour?  I pray I teach him and be the best example for him and show him the love of God through me and Zach.  WOW I could literally go on and on and on about that....
   Other things that have been going on is I celebrated my 26th birthday on Saturday which is so crazy to me cause sometimes I swear I still feel like Im only 18!  I really do feel like that past couple of years have just slipped through my fingers!  Hmmm What else is going on in The Sapp House??? Oh Baylor's baby bed was delivered and Zach put it together on Sunday!  It turned out sooo cute... Not going to lie we ordered it online and I was super nervous about the color cause we ordered it in Cherry...I was sooo scared it was going to come in light wood and heavy undertones of cherry were it would look too red, but thankfully it is dard with just a hint of red undertones.!!  I know I am crazy!  Well I am all out of stuff and I really want to try to update this thing more!!  have a good week everyone!