Friday, June 6, 2014

Stella Kate's Nursery!

We had Stella Kate's newborn pictures taken a few weeks ago and our wonderful photographer captured so many AMAZING shots, not only of her but of her room as well! :) Huge shout out to By Design Creations!


      I knew from the beginning I wanted to do navy and pink for her room and I knew we were on a  tight budget (I always try to see how cheap we can do things) for her room.  Since Baylor decided to become a stunt man and climb out of his crib we moved my old bed into his room and repainted his crib an off white color.

  I also found an old dresser on a online yard sale site for $50.00!  We repainted it the same color as the crib and I spray painted some of our old kitchen cabinet knobs gold and we put them on the dresser.  I wish I could find a before picture but for now the after is all I have.

  Her curtains I used Pinterest to find a how to on how to use Walmart sheets and make them look like the cool Anthropologie ruffled ones so I spent like 15.00 on twin flat sheets to make her curtains.

  I sewed the baby bedding and I believe I spent $50.00 for all the fabric. :) The chair we ordered from Wayfair for 150.00 and I redid an old lamp we had and used extra fabric I had to do that. :)  The pictures on the wall were from our sweet friends as a gift, but the frames were only $3.00 each from Walmart.  The wall color is Naval from Sherwin Williams.

I redid a lamp from our old house for her room because I could not find anything that just went with her room.  The before lamp is this.

I absolutely adore her room, I only want to do a few more things and it will feel complete :)