Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Fancy X Farmhouse table DIY!

I am finally getting a chance to write about my amazing outdoor table that I am sooo in love with!!!   I had myself convinced that I could build it, and all I needed my husband to do was go pick up the wood? Hahaha, I know!!   I'm guessing he wasn't a fan of the idea of me using the power tools, since he ended up doing it for me in RECORD time!  Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I found this amazing fancy farmhouse table picture from the Shanty2Chic blog, and the plans on how to make it from the Ana-White website (if you have never heard of Ana White, CHECK IT OUT NOW)!!  She has a million amazing plans on how to build some awesome pieces!!  The build literally took my husband 3 hours, including an extra Home Depot run since he forgot 1 2x4.  I had to make sure he built it quick since we built it the Thursday before Baylor's birthday party. (I know he  we waited til the last minute!)
  If you read either blog it does say it costs around $65.00 to build, but if you use pressure treated pine (at least here in the Atlanta area) for outdoor purposes,  it cost around $85.00 in lumbar.  We already had the stain and nail/screws, in my opinion though a regular $2,000 table from Pottery Barn built for less than $100 is AMAZING!!  So here is the photo from the Shanty blog that made me immediately HEART it!!  I love her centerpiece with the bottles!

And here is ours from beginning to being used at the party!:

He is pretty sexy using his power tools ;)

A coat of Java stain...

and BAM outdoor amazingness!!

I still need to put the clear coat on it, but we have so much going with trying to find a home it may just have to wait until we get moved! :)  Well hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Ashamed!

     Tonight while I was sewing I was thinking about not being ashamed of what I believe and how I view things.  I was thinking about this because the other night at dinner my husband invited some good friends of our to visit our church.  Not that I wouldn't want them to come to church with us because I LOVE our church, and how every time I am there I encounter God and feel my relationship growing deeper with Him, but because I know from comments my husband has made about how he was raised in church is way different compared to the church we go to.  He didn't say it in a negative way, but I have visited his old church and it is different from where we go now.  Anyway's I was just so in awe of him inviting someone to church, and it really got me thinking about my own testimony/calling etc...  As a Christian it should be my goal to spread the awesome news that Jesus is my Lord and Savior!  I am not going to say I am a perfect person because that is so far from the truth, but I do try to live every day with the goal to live more like Him and worship Him!  I feel so convicted by the fact that I have not been more outgoing with the way I believe with my friends, family, etc and invited them to come to church or even share the gospel with them... I don't know why I have felt this feeling of doubt or fear they will judge me because I believe that all things are possible through Christ!  I do believe I serve a Mighty God who can do miraculous and wonderful things, I have the faith and have witnessed God's awesome power to heal the sick, meet a need that would have never been met, feel his presence overwhelm me to my knees and feel the peace pass over me that could never be explained with mere words.  I feel like while we were trying to find a church I have it in my head that I am not worthy to share the gospel, I shouldn't be involved until we have been there longer, and maybe what I think may have once been a calling is now just a memory... Oh no the Lord says He is with me and has called me to serve Him and hearing Him and being obedient to his Word is what He desires in me.  Christians we need to rise up, rise up and share what He has done for us, Rise up and show the world the light burning inside!!  My desire is to be a woman of the Word, I want to press in and know God and for Him to know every part of me!  I want to be used by God,  I want to hear His voice and when it may seem uncomfortable to me I want to have the confidence to share the Word or whatever it may be with someone!  I want to know that in the end I followed Christ and heard the call!  
   I know this is kinda all over the place, I am so tired, but I couldn't hold this in any longer and wait until morning to write it down!
Love all of you so much!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Back Outdoor area (done as much as its going to be) PAINTED!

  Well as previously said we are moving, we still have not found a house, but we have left it completely in God's hands and we know He has a house that is perfect for us out there! With that said I am so excited we got part of our outdoor area in the back done...  I never had the time to get the benches built for the table or paint the other bench for extra seating, but for the most part its kinda done.... :)  so here are a few photo's.

 I got a little too excited and went ahead and took some pictures with only half the lights up lol! :)

We actually spent a little time out here with some friends a couple weeks ago and it was so nice to have a cute little patio! Hopefully our next home will have a nice little spot too! :)  There were so many more things we had planned for this area, but we are moving on!  Keeping this post short since I have some SEWING to get done!! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

So we are moving?!

Our home sold within 24 hours of putting it on the market!!  Yes, SOLD for full asking price, and with closing costs covered by the buyer!!  We asked and the Lord said you will receive, we are happy that since our home was a foreclosure we are being blessed with making money off of our home!!    We have to be out July 7th, and so far we have yet to see anything we are just in love with so doing some serious prayers that God allows us to find the right home!!  With that said the reason we are having a hard time I think is some people really do not get the concept of making your home in showing condition.  I understand you don't want to pull all personal things out of your home since you still live there, because I said the same thing, but DE-CLUTTER that crazy mess!  Make your home look functional for any home buyer!! I promise my home is not always perfect, but if I know someone is coming to look at my house I am not going to have so many things jammed in a room were another buyer can't visualize what it will look like.  I think I can usually do a pretty good job of seeing past crazy paint colors, wall paper, brown trim, etc... but when you have junk  piled up it gets a little difficult!  Ok, rant over!!!  Oh, one more thing, don't hang a picture of you and your husband naked over the bed kissing... that can make awkward moments for all! Anyways well we are celebrating my moms birthday tomorrow and I need to start my salted carmel pretzel cupcakes!! :) Oh click on the Welcome to Our Home tab to check out some of the pictures of our home before and after!! :)