Monday, April 2, 2012

And so the time is coming closer and closer

Oh wow time is really just flying.. The other night me and Zach were lying in bed and I was like do you realize in a month and a half we will have a baby with us...Zach was excited and I was freaked out! I just sit and think of all the things that need to be done before Baylor gets here, not that there is a lot to do, but mindset wise, holy s* I need to get it together!  I was freaking about how he is going to come out of me, will I be able to take care of him well, praying I don't drop him!  I feel like I should put him in a carrier just to go up and down the stairs! ( I know I am crazy) On the other hand though I am soooo ecstatic to meet this little stranger and can't wait to hold him and kiss him!! He is such a blessing to us!  One thing I can be pretty sure of is I am ready not to be pregnant anymore.  Not that I should complain cause it has been a pretty easy pregnancy, but man oh man do I miss sleeping on my stomach!  There is a long list of crazy stuff I have been going through that I am ready to be done with as well...Breathing like a fat girl, being RIDICULOUS about the smallest things, gaining a pound a week, and this could go on forever!  I also don't like how insecure I feel at times, especially with my marriage! I know I have a good marriage and a trustworthy spouse but something about being pregnant makes you crazy especially when you feel fat and ugly...
   Other happenings in the Sapp House is we are getting ready for Easter this weekend, and back to back showers next weekend!  I can already feel the tiredness!  Also over this past weekend our friends Jamie and Gorham welcomed their son Bennett to the world!  We are so excited for them and I cant wait to meet him!  :)  Hmmm what else.. Ah my fabulous best friend Christi has moved back from Texas and I got to have lunch with her on Thursday and spent time with her and our sisters and let me just say it was a breath of fresh air having us all together again!  Its crazy how some friends you have you can not see them for months or years and you just pick right up!! :) I hate how now I live the farthest from my family and close friends...Well I think I am done for the day seeing how this is kinda short, but being at work isn't the best place to update your blog :)  Have a great week!

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