Monday, February 27, 2012

        AH 11 weeks and 3 days until I will be holding a baby...not just any baby MY baby!!  AHHHH SO it really it hit me a few days ago how much life change I have had in the past year!  Well maybe the past 2 years!  Met my wonderful husband in May 2010, married him May 2011, and having a baby in  MAY 2012!!!  Is it just me or do me and Zach LOVE MAY!!! Of course there are a WHOLE lot of things in between that have happened that just make my life so wonderful and am so thankful for everything in it!
         So new things that are happening this week as far as pregnancy would my ever expanding belly, I swear that thing grows by the minute!  I feel the baby just squirming and moving all over the place and he just loves to remind me that he is in there!  One complaint of the week is I have started swelling just a little bit,  well mainly just my fingers, my wedding band is tight so I started wearing it around my neck and keep my engagement ring on!  It makes me sad cause I'm guzzling water to try to prevent the swelling cause I don't want to not be able to wear my rings!  So thats all in the pregnant world!  
        This weekend was pretty uneventful...Friday night we went to Olive Garden with Amanda and that was so fun cause she is so sweet and its just always night to go to dinner with friends!  Saturday Zach worked a side job so I finished up Baylors room as far as getting the crib skirt on the bed and pulled things that I need to wash for him and started freaking out on what to put in a bag for the hospital!  Sunday was just low key since I had to work 1 to 6! It was just a nice low key weekend!  :)  I know I am not very interesting, but hey this blog helps me just vent and talk out how I have been feeling!

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