Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baylor's ONE! (and a few other happenings)

   Well,  it finally came Baylor's first birthday and oh how sweet it was!! :)  We had so much fun planning and getting ready for it, and I think he had a pretty amazing time as well!  Let's be honest, the first birthday is pretty much for the mama we made it together a whole year and we are both still alive with no major damage, I think that is totally a reason to celebrate baby and let mama decorate and go a little over the top.  The day was a little crazy and why wouldn't it be, we procrastinated just a little!  Besides the final minutes of not being ready while people were arriving I think it went very well!  Since my child loves to bounce the one thing I went over the top with was getting my one year old a bounce house, but the smile he had on his face while he was in there was worth it!  I mean take a look at that smile!

Ok let me do a photo bomb of party what nots and then I will update a little more.

Husband built this! :)

Mom made this!

I had so much fun setting up everything and still didn't get everything I wanted done :( 
Here are a few shots of Baylor enjoying his day!

 It was a blast!  He did do much better with the cake at his one year photo shoot here is a sneak peak from that!

He is such an awesome kid!!  He is so happy and social and will pretty much laugh at anything!  So proud he is my son and I am so excited to watch him grow into a Godly young man!!
His current stats are 24.2lbs and 31 1/2" tall!!  He is my big boy! :)

Other happenings are.... We are putting our house up for sale since we are just wanting to have a larger yard.  We LOVE our home, I wish I could pick it up and put it somewhere with a big back yard!  So if you are looking for a home in Newnan be on the look out for ours!  It will probably be listed by the end of the week or the beginning of next! :)  Have a great day!