Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time is flying and crawling!

So last weekend I had back to back showers that were so very amazing and so many people blessed us with sooo many good things!  I mean I just have to say I have some AMAZING family and friends!!!  I hate that I take pictures at the beginning of the shower, but then somewhere along the way I lose it and forget to take pictures with people :(   but here are a few from both showers!

Me and Zach :) Im huge!

My little set up at Nannies

Lily posing!

Me and Amber!

The tree with stuff on it :)

As gifts were coming :)

Kitchen :)

Amazing cake by Baby Cakes!!!

Those bird nests were soooo YUMMY

Pretty spread!

One thing is certain is my family is the best!! :)
Other news we have began the weekly visits to the doctors which is so crazy I can't believe in 15 days (give or take some) I will be holding sweet little Baylor!  I am trying to get over being sick right now so I can handle the labor and be able to breathe!  Zach and I were both a couple of sickies this weekend which was just sad! Thankfully we are both getting better so we don't get Baylor sick when he arrives! I have stopped working which has been sooooo weird since I have worked since I was 15 and now that I don't work I feel a little lost.  Its been good though since I was sick so I could rest and get things together!  Hmmm what else...A little distracted right now cause I swear Baylors hand or leg or something is pushing on my hip!  One thing I can not wait to get in shape after I have Baylor, I really want to be a HOT mom lol!  I know this is crazy to already be thinking, but I don't want this weight to stick on me forever!  I am obviously being smart as far as I know it took me 9 months to put it on so I am going to give myself 9 months to get it off!  Its not going to fall off and I am going to work hard, but dang it I want to look good again not only for me, but for my husband too! :)  Well time to get this day started and get things done!  Hopefully when I write again I will have a sweet little baby! :)  EEEKK!

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