Saturday, November 26, 2011

A lot of Changes!

Well I clearly do not update this thing enough!  Since I last posted me and Zach have not only moved but we are pregnant and having a little boy as well! We moved into our new house in October and I absolutely love it!  We pretty much repainted every room in the house except for the baby's room and the upstairs bathroom!  Then we found out in August we are having a baby and just found out last Saturday at 15 weeks that it is a boy!  I'm not going to lie I was pretty let down cause I REALLY wanted a girl, but we are excited to have boy!  We are going to name him Baylor Ray Sapp! I'm having a hard time trying to find stuff to do the nursery in though, boys are much harder!   I do have to say with being pregnant I have been sooo emotional!!!  I've noticed I'm more clingy lately with Zach, poor thing he doesn't know what to do with me! :)  God knows he has been so patient with me through this whole experience so far!  I'm 16 weeks and 4 days today and soooo thankful for the 2nd trimester, I was pretty sick there for a few weeks but it tapered off at 13!  I havent craved anything too crazy just usually salty stuff like pickles and pickle juice poured over salty chips yummo!!! 
   On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families and it was sooo wonderful with all that yummy food! It was so fabulous!  My sister is going to be having her baby boy Bennett on Wednesday and I am sooo excited to meet that little guy! :)  I thought she was going into labor on Thanksgiving since she looked like she was in pain and saying her lower back was hurting.. But that sweet boy is waiting on his scheduled C-section Wednesday!  Our friends Jamie and Gorham are also expecting a little boy in March and they are naming him Bennett as well, absolutely love that name!  It was exciting to be pregnant at the same time as people you know so you can share the moments together!  I'll be posting pictures soon of the house and our amazing 3d ultrasound of the baby!