Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Baylor is turning 1 in about 6 weeks, and being obsessed with Pinterest, I am getting a little too excited about having his birthday party!!  I am trying to keep it within reason, and not go crazy with the overload of ideas, but I am narrowing down all my final details!  One thing I have known I wanted to have at his birthday was a wooden high chair that coordinated with the party colors so it would look good in pictures (I know crazy right ;) ).  After scouring Craigslist for months one came up not far from us for $20.00!  UM SOLD!

After mulling over green or turquoise, for what seemed like forever, since I wanted to start as soon as Zach picked it up, I finally settled on turquoise, Gem Turquoise by Behr to be exact!  When I was finished with the first coat I kept thinking it still looked kinda girly, but then I remembered I had some java glaze left over from a previous project. As soon as I began wiping away the glaze I knew I was looking at what I envisioned in my head! So with that said here it is...
I am so excited to see everything together when his big day comes, but I am very excited that this total "redo" was not expensive at all!  Chair-$20.00, Paint-$3.15 (the sample was the perfect amount and I still have a good bit left), Glaze- Already on hand!  so $23.15 and a few hours of my time and I got a good looking chair!  I still need to pick up clear coat so all in all it will probably be a little over $25.00 with is fine with me! :)  Well hope everyone is having a great week!