Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Getting Closer!

Obviously I am not so good at keeping this thing current, but I am trying!  Life is pretty crazy these days with the wedding being only 45 days away!  I can't believe it!  It feels like me and Zach just got engaged yesterday and here we are so close to the most amazing day of our lives!  I can honestly say God could not have made a better man for me, every day I am with Zach I appreciate him so much and am truly blessed!!  I am a lucky, lucky girl!! 
     Well last time I wrote I was going to the weight loss clinic and OMG I have already lost 7 pounds since then maybe a little more, I havent weighed myself since yesterday!  So all in all I have lost 16 pounds since February!  Super case anyone wants to know why I am going to the wlc its because I tried my wedding dress on and UH OH it didnt fit...thankfully now it is fitting and am VERY happy about that!
      Hmmm..what else has been happening I am super excited about this weekend I am having another bridal shower at my grandmas and my bachelorette party is happening too!  Ahh we are going to Loca Luna in Atlanta and wow I am just crazy excited to see all my friends...I appreciate all them so much and ESPECIALLY my wonderful, awesome sister who has been the most amazing planner!  Just wondering did anyone else stalk their wedding registries before their showers?  I'm totally OBSESSED with checking them pretty much everyday!  I know that was random, but hey I write this blog as if I am talking to my good friends :)    
   Recently me and Zach have been visiting a local church in Newnan called Southcrest...I am loving it!  The pastor has a really good word to say and the worship is really good!  I am excited that we found a church that could possibly be our home church...I have felt so disonnected not being apart of a church!  I know my relationship with God is not based on whether or not I attend church, but just being apart of the whole experience upifts me and the live worship with a body of believers just cant be explained, but it literally thrills my sould to have that moment!  I love singing and worshipping God that is my joy! 
     I have finally came out of my work rut I was in...I don't know why I was down so much I think I just over think things way too much!  I know everything works out for the best and I do work for a great place and love everyone there...(especially since they fired a jaguar this week)  I am thinking alot of my frustration was because of that person.  Anyways I have recently picked up more sewing lately since I was realizing I have a LOT of stuff to pay for this wedding...I forgot how much I LOVE sewing baby bedding and all the wonderful girls I get to meet doing it!  I love being a part of the planning of a sweet babies room! Well I am ready to hit the bed, gotta get up and make that money in the morning!  Have a great rest of the week and weekend!