Friday, March 2, 2012

SURPRISE its a Baby Shower!

So this week my work totally shocked me with a surprise baby shower!!  They had me and Zach totally fooled! My work had said that we were having a meeting at 1 on Wednesday and then Zachs boss had told him he had a meeting at 1 at the Tennis Center for some air conditioners.... So we had no idea and did not put 2 and 2 together!  It was so sweet!!  We got some really great and useful gifts!!! It was so just soo nice! I just can't believe we are 10 weeks away from meeting our sweet baby boy!!! His nursery is already filling up with so many things!! AAAHHH!!  We finally found a little dresser at Ikea that we like and can stain to the right color which is one less stress we just have to go up there and get it now!  I know I get frustrated in Ikea, but not nearly as bad as Zach...its pretty hilarious! I'm super excited that my sister is starting to sell Pampered Chef and I am hosting  party in a couple weeks and I can't wait to have everyone over!  I love having people at my house and hello Pampered Chef food is sooo delish!!! :) Hmmm I don't think anything else new is going on at the Sapp House so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  Oh and here are some pictures of my gifts from my shower!

Oh I did get my tree painted in Baylors room and here is a picture....

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