Monday, September 15, 2014

Stage, Stage, Stage that house!!

Well here we are just one year into our home and we are ready to move again!!  As much as we like our house, as soon as we found out we were pregnant with Stella we grew out of this house.  So here we are again putting our house on the market and trying to find a new one!  The one thing that is so frustrating looking at houses is the fact no one declutters/updates their home!  It makes me want to scream when I looking at home online... While I totally get not wanting to take down family pictures because I won't do it either, but please if you still have dark burgundy rooms and brass fixtures, UPDATE to a neutral color and brushed nickel to appeal to more people.  If you aren't selling your home do whatever meets your fancy, but sometimes if you want to sell that house you gotta appeal to a broad audience.  My home is not perfect, and if I had endless money supplies I would decorate all day long... So I  just work with what I got :)  Our first home sold one day after being on the market and this home sold after just being on the market 2 days.. I give credit to our awesome relators Chris and Julie Hunt, but I also know we made their job a little easier by making sure our home looked a little appealing to buyers!  So here is our house! Thank God it sold quickly, trying to keep it clean with a 2 year old and 4 month old is HARD!  Also both homes sold FULL asking price!

First things first... Make sure the outside looks nice, no one wants to buy a house that has no curb appeal!  Just adding a little something is better than nothing!

Bench on the front porch is a dumpster dive...Stained it dark and it looks great! :)

Our living room/kitchen/dining room is one big open concept so making them flow and making sure every space makes sense and maximizing every inch since this house is only a little over 1500 sq. feet

We did upgrade our countertops after Christmas with granite countertops :) 

 See I didn't get rid of personal photos :)



See nothing special, and if we would have stayed here we would have eventually re-did the cabinets since they are solid wood, but we were only here a year :)  Also while planning to sell we decided to go ahead and update all the light fixtures that we had not replaced (so our $300 dollar investment=full price for our home).  When we moved in literally there was a fan in every room including our master bathroom! 

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