Monday, February 6, 2012

Time is flying...

I am absolutely the worst at remembering to blog!  Wow time is flying by so fast I feel like I just did announce I was having a baby, and now I am a little over 13 weeks away from delivery!  EEEK! Don't get me wrong I can't wait to hold Baylor in my arms, but  I'm not going to lie I am super nervous about labor and delivery, if you know me you know I HATE pain... I mean I know no one likes pain, but my pain tolerence is, well I don't really have one!  There are just sooo many things to worry about when becoming a new parent!  I feel like I will be a good mom, but I am still worried about the every day life of taking care of this little creature that totally relys on me! Will I remember to change his diaper? feed him on time?  will he like me? will I be able to breast feed?  will he latch on right? am I gonna freak out every time he poops? and what the heck am I suppose to do with that little pee pee?? These are just the worries that go through my head all the time!  Other than that I am excited to be a mom and I am just praying I will do a good job, and raise him to be a mighty man of God!  I really started thinking about that the other do I know my son will love God and accepting Him to be his Saviour?  I pray I teach him and be the best example for him and show him the love of God through me and Zach.  WOW I could literally go on and on and on about that....
   Other things that have been going on is I celebrated my 26th birthday on Saturday which is so crazy to me cause sometimes I swear I still feel like Im only 18!  I really do feel like that past couple of years have just slipped through my fingers!  Hmmm What else is going on in The Sapp House??? Oh Baylor's baby bed was delivered and Zach put it together on Sunday!  It turned out sooo cute... Not going to lie we ordered it online and I was super nervous about the color cause we ordered it in Cherry...I was sooo scared it was going to come in light wood and heavy undertones of cherry were it would look too red, but thankfully it is dard with just a hint of red undertones.!!  I know I am crazy!  Well I am all out of stuff and I really want to try to update this thing more!!  have a good week everyone!


  1. You and Zach are going to be wonderful parents. The whole pain thing will be over once you have that precious baby boy in your arms and it will all be worth it. I cant wait to meet Baylor and watch him grow up. Love ya

  2. Aww Meg! You are soooo sweet!! THank you and I cant wait for you to meet Baylor too!