Monday, October 13, 2014

I heart chalk paint!

So a few weeks ago my husband scored this huge piece of furniture for pretty much nothing!!
Is it not wonderfully huge, and just crying for a make over???
I have read so many blogs on chalk painting, and thought it is time to give this a try!! Since this was my first time, I wasn't brave enough to make my own, so I decided to just purchase some from the old Home Depot.  After giving it a good wipe down, and taking all the handles off, I started painting!  I was so excited at how easy it was to just do my 2 coats and let that baby dry!  As soon as it finished drying I got my sanding block out and distressed it just a bit, and smoothed out the not to awesome spots... When I was all done making it "rough" I used the wax to seal it, and she was all ready to get hardware back on it... I used all the previous hardware and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze and I think it turned out pretty nice! :)  Here is the after!
Such a dreamy gray blue!! :)  

  I need to take a new photo to show the color better! :)  Next time I will have to do a post on my AMAZING desk!! :)