Monday, October 28, 2013

Gender Guessing Fun!

Ok, it has been a minute since I have posted, so for a quick update... We are settling into our home slowly, after being here for a few weeks we found out we are expecting our 2nd baby, and now I am DYING to know what we are having... I really thought I would be wanting a girl super bad this time around, but having a boy has been so much fun I would be over the moon to have another boy!  I would be so excited to have one of each as well, no matter what I am happy as long as he or she is healthy!!  I have been wanting to know super bad, since my sweet friend Jamie just found out she was having a boy, so I am just driving myself nuts wanting to know!  So for fun today I have used ever old wives tale, chinese gender chart, Ramzi method, and a diy home predictor test.. Here are the results so far I would love to know what yall think!

Old wives tales-
Wedding band over belly (if it goes in a circle girl, back and forth boy)-GIRL
How I am carrying- I am not really sure yet I feel low and wide which is a little of BOTH lol!
Baby's heart rate above 140 girl below is a boy- GIRL
Morning Sickness- GIRL
How I look (girls steal beauty, boys give)- GIRL I feel not so good looking with all the break outs
Hair growth (boys grow fast, girls stay the same )-GIRL  (not to TMI but I had a lot of hair with Baylor on my blonde belly hairs)
Cravings (sweet girl, salty boy)-GIRL

Chinese Gender Predictor is tricky the one on Babycenter says BOY and the one on says GIRL...The Babycenter one said girl with Baylor and said BOY.

The RAMZI method..I can not tell where my placenta is and I have no idea how they ran the ultrasound so INCONCLUSIVE on that one.

The Baking soda test...  You apparently pour some of your pee over a couple tablespoons of baking soda and if it fizzes its a boy, and if nothing happens its a girl... This one did nothing so GIRL

I want to try the red cabbage test because this is just getting humorous!  Like I said no matter what we will love and adore our new bundle, in the mean time this mama is having fun guessing!  :)