Monday, September 2, 2013

Moved and MIA

Well we finally got moved into our new house and I have around 100 projects started!  I am such an ADD project person!! Literally right now I am thinking why do I have one drawer painted on my dresser when I still need to finish painting the bathroom! Ugh I will catch up and post pictures soon of our new sweet house, it is just taking some time to get in and get everything situated this time! I just want to give some praise to my Savior for all the blessings he has poured on my sweet little family and I am just so excited what he has in store for us!!  I will post soon about our new home (with pictures) and the drama of the buying process! Love you my sweet friends!!
I will post one picture of my DIY burlap wreath!!!  *I tore apart my old Walmart Christmas wreath since I did not want to leave my house!  I heart my red door!  I must go buy a new ribbon for this poor wreath to make it more awesome!!