Saturday, November 26, 2011

A lot of Changes!

Well I clearly do not update this thing enough!  Since I last posted me and Zach have not only moved but we are pregnant and having a little boy as well! We moved into our new house in October and I absolutely love it!  We pretty much repainted every room in the house except for the baby's room and the upstairs bathroom!  Then we found out in August we are having a baby and just found out last Saturday at 15 weeks that it is a boy!  I'm not going to lie I was pretty let down cause I REALLY wanted a girl, but we are excited to have boy!  We are going to name him Baylor Ray Sapp! I'm having a hard time trying to find stuff to do the nursery in though, boys are much harder!   I do have to say with being pregnant I have been sooo emotional!!!  I've noticed I'm more clingy lately with Zach, poor thing he doesn't know what to do with me! :)  God knows he has been so patient with me through this whole experience so far!  I'm 16 weeks and 4 days today and soooo thankful for the 2nd trimester, I was pretty sick there for a few weeks but it tapered off at 13!  I havent craved anything too crazy just usually salty stuff like pickles and pickle juice poured over salty chips yummo!!! 
   On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families and it was sooo wonderful with all that yummy food! It was so fabulous!  My sister is going to be having her baby boy Bennett on Wednesday and I am sooo excited to meet that little guy! :)  I thought she was going into labor on Thanksgiving since she looked like she was in pain and saying her lower back was hurting.. But that sweet boy is waiting on his scheduled C-section Wednesday!  Our friends Jamie and Gorham are also expecting a little boy in March and they are naming him Bennett as well, absolutely love that name!  It was exciting to be pregnant at the same time as people you know so you can share the moments together!  I'll be posting pictures soon of the house and our amazing 3d ultrasound of the baby! 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Settling In...

Now that we are in our 2nd month of marriage we are getting into the groove of our daily life...Wake up, work, come home, cook dinner, hang out, etc.... I love that we have transitioned pretty easily into married life!  I enjoy cooking and decorating our house!  Right now I am in the process of  re doing a wing chair, tricky but fun! Hoping to post pictures of everything  I do have to say it has been a little bit lonely moving to a new city where I dont know anyone.  Last night I was watching "Real Housewives of New Jeresy" (yes very  bad mind rot) and drinking a glass of wine and was sad because watching all of them with their close friends made me miss mine sooo much!  I ended up texting Lauren in the middle of it tellling her how much I miss her!  Not only her but, my sister and other close friends!  Its really different when you dont live 10 minutes from everyone you know!  Hoping to get involved at a church or something and broaden our friendships :)  We are hoping to go out of town next weekend just an overnight of some sort if we both can get off work but we'll see...I am so jealous of everyone going to the beach right now!  I just gotta hold out for our honeymoon in February :)!  well for right now thats all I have!  Have a great week!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Everything New!

Wow so I am getting worse at keeping up with this, but I will try to get better!  So I am finally MARRIED who ever thought that would happen!  So happy to finally be Mrs. Sapp!  Our wedding day was everything I ever wanted, and it was crazy every day before it!  From making the centerpieces, favors, and putting together the flowers it was non stop at my house!  I have to say we did an excellent job and couldnt have asked for a better day! I have to say one of my favorite parts was picking the music for the ceremony, having Hayley sing "Blessed" and my mom, aunt, and cousing sing "He Leadeth Me" was very special to me!  They did such a good job! The parents and grandparents walked down to "Love me Tender" by Norah Jones, and bridesmaids walked down to the instumental version of "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (yes from Twilight) I walked down the aisle to Eva Cassidys "Songbird" gah it was just wonderful!  Zach was sooo handsome in his tux and I have to say I could not stop the tears as I walked down the aisle, especially when I saw him with a few tears!  The reception was sooo beautiful and the food was AMAZING!  Chicken tenders, roast, twice baked potatoes, fried okra, mac and cheese,  and salad!  MMMM makes me hungry thinking about it!  The cake was sooo good too, I mean really BabyCakes is the best!!!  I think one of the funniest things at my reception was right after me and my dad had our first dance we busted into Soulja Boy"! Darrell Goodman doing the Soulja Boy??? I know it was crazy hilarious!!!  Just soooo many wonderful memories and just sooo happy! 

  Now that I am living in Newnan all the time I just got a new job at Canongate Golf booking tee times in the call center!  I love my new job since I am closer to home and have a chance to sew more.  I really want to try and start and Etsy shop so I have been trying to make things for that!  :) 
  Just this past week a little bitty kitten showed up on our door and oh my goodness it was sooo cute we fed it and gave it a bath for a couple days and when we finally decided to keep disappeared!  So I think we might be looking into getting a sweet little pet as soon as we figure out our home situation!  :)  Well I think I am going to be done with this for today! Love everyone and hope you have a great 4th of July!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Getting Closer!

Obviously I am not so good at keeping this thing current, but I am trying!  Life is pretty crazy these days with the wedding being only 45 days away!  I can't believe it!  It feels like me and Zach just got engaged yesterday and here we are so close to the most amazing day of our lives!  I can honestly say God could not have made a better man for me, every day I am with Zach I appreciate him so much and am truly blessed!!  I am a lucky, lucky girl!! 
     Well last time I wrote I was going to the weight loss clinic and OMG I have already lost 7 pounds since then maybe a little more, I havent weighed myself since yesterday!  So all in all I have lost 16 pounds since February!  Super case anyone wants to know why I am going to the wlc its because I tried my wedding dress on and UH OH it didnt fit...thankfully now it is fitting and am VERY happy about that!
      Hmmm..what else has been happening I am super excited about this weekend I am having another bridal shower at my grandmas and my bachelorette party is happening too!  Ahh we are going to Loca Luna in Atlanta and wow I am just crazy excited to see all my friends...I appreciate all them so much and ESPECIALLY my wonderful, awesome sister who has been the most amazing planner!  Just wondering did anyone else stalk their wedding registries before their showers?  I'm totally OBSESSED with checking them pretty much everyday!  I know that was random, but hey I write this blog as if I am talking to my good friends :)    
   Recently me and Zach have been visiting a local church in Newnan called Southcrest...I am loving it!  The pastor has a really good word to say and the worship is really good!  I am excited that we found a church that could possibly be our home church...I have felt so disonnected not being apart of a church!  I know my relationship with God is not based on whether or not I attend church, but just being apart of the whole experience upifts me and the live worship with a body of believers just cant be explained, but it literally thrills my sould to have that moment!  I love singing and worshipping God that is my joy! 
     I have finally came out of my work rut I was in...I don't know why I was down so much I think I just over think things way too much!  I know everything works out for the best and I do work for a great place and love everyone there...(especially since they fired a jaguar this week)  I am thinking alot of my frustration was because of that person.  Anyways I have recently picked up more sewing lately since I was realizing I have a LOT of stuff to pay for this wedding...I forgot how much I LOVE sewing baby bedding and all the wonderful girls I get to meet doing it!  I love being a part of the planning of a sweet babies room! Well I am ready to hit the bed, gotta get up and make that money in the morning!  Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedding planning Craziness!!!

What a wonderful Friday it is!!!  Its only 57 days until the wedding and I'm not gonna lie kinda freaking out at the long list of things to do!  I am super excited however that I did mail out invitations yesterday ahhh!  Everything is becoming so real....I know its real, but its one of those things you wait sooo long for when it is happening its kinda like whoa...(I think that sounded a little stoner, but I had no other words to describe it)  A few other things I am UBER excited for is, marrying the love of my life, bachelorette craziness, beautiful spring, a tan, weightloss clinic, and showers!!  Zach cracks me up when it comes to our showers and wedding stuff poor thing suggests things and I shoot him down almost everytime :)  Bless his heart!   But seriously if your fiancee suggested a cupcake wedding cake, wouldnt you shoot him down too??  lol!  Love him for being into the wedding though, I couldnt have asked for a better man!
   Last weekend was our first shower and it was AMAZING!!  My future mother in law put on a good one!  We got so many good things it was fantastic!  :)  Well I am kinda struggling on things to write about this time as I am watching "My Life as Liz" Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First Blog!!!

Well this is my first blog ever!  Yay!  I am going to go ahead and point out the obvious that I have TERRIBLE grammatical skills, so please don't judge me...(Amber)  First things first I am only 72 days from my wedding and completely in over my head!  We are so excited, but so overwhelmed all at the same time! Our wedding will be in Mansfield, Ga at a church with our reception at the Wildlife Center after, where I hope everyone will just relax, dance, and have a good time!  We are still trying to figure out our honeymoon since my wonderful husband to be on Valentines day went to jail (for speeding) and we are not sure when his court date will be.
  We will be living in Newnan, Ga which is already a HUGE adjustment for me, to be honest I had a hard time with it because my whole family pretty much is from Covington, and all of my friends are here too... So I am a little bit nervous moving to a place where I don't really know anyone...Lots of life changes for me coming up lol!  
 I work at an interior design store in Conyers, Ga which up until recently I have loved....but I am feeling a bit burnt out on the whole thing which I could rant about forever, but will sum it up with one phrase thing.."under appreciated".   I do love working with design, color, fabrics all of it, but its time for something more...maybe I am just in a job rut and will feel better about things soon!  (God please!) 
   I am absolutely enjoying my book club that just started in January!!  Its my sister Amber and my two fabulous friends Courtney and Lauren!  We are doing one book a month and right now we are reading Emily Giffin books (Jan- "Something Borrowed, Feb- "Something Blue"...etc.  We meet once a month and discuss the book at our favorite restaurant or someones house!  Its sooo FUN!  We are UBER excited about "Something Borrowed" the movie coming out in May!  YAY!!!  Not really sure what else to talk about this time, but I am excited to post about my crazy, and boring life :)  Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!