Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Fancy X Farmhouse table DIY!

I am finally getting a chance to write about my amazing outdoor table that I am sooo in love with!!!   I had myself convinced that I could build it, and all I needed my husband to do was go pick up the wood? Hahaha, I know!!   I'm guessing he wasn't a fan of the idea of me using the power tools, since he ended up doing it for me in RECORD time!  Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I found this amazing fancy farmhouse table picture from the Shanty2Chic blog, and the plans on how to make it from the Ana-White website (if you have never heard of Ana White, CHECK IT OUT NOW)!!  She has a million amazing plans on how to build some awesome pieces!!  The build literally took my husband 3 hours, including an extra Home Depot run since he forgot 1 2x4.  I had to make sure he built it quick since we built it the Thursday before Baylor's birthday party. (I know he  we waited til the last minute!)
  If you read either blog it does say it costs around $65.00 to build, but if you use pressure treated pine (at least here in the Atlanta area) for outdoor purposes,  it cost around $85.00 in lumbar.  We already had the stain and nail/screws, in my opinion though a regular $2,000 table from Pottery Barn built for less than $100 is AMAZING!!  So here is the photo from the Shanty blog that made me immediately HEART it!!  I love her centerpiece with the bottles!

And here is ours from beginning to being used at the party!:

He is pretty sexy using his power tools ;)

A coat of Java stain...

and BAM outdoor amazingness!!

I still need to put the clear coat on it, but we have so much going with trying to find a home it may just have to wait until we get moved! :)  Well hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!!!

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