Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedding planning Craziness!!!

What a wonderful Friday it is!!!  Its only 57 days until the wedding and I'm not gonna lie kinda freaking out at the long list of things to do!  I am super excited however that I did mail out invitations yesterday ahhh!  Everything is becoming so real....I know its real, but its one of those things you wait sooo long for when it is happening its kinda like whoa...(I think that sounded a little stoner, but I had no other words to describe it)  A few other things I am UBER excited for is, marrying the love of my life, bachelorette craziness, beautiful spring, a tan, weightloss clinic, and showers!!  Zach cracks me up when it comes to our showers and wedding stuff poor thing suggests things and I shoot him down almost everytime :)  Bless his heart!   But seriously if your fiancee suggested a cupcake wedding cake, wouldnt you shoot him down too??  lol!  Love him for being into the wedding though, I couldnt have asked for a better man!
   Last weekend was our first shower and it was AMAZING!!  My future mother in law put on a good one!  We got so many good things it was fantastic!  :)  Well I am kinda struggling on things to write about this time as I am watching "My Life as Liz" Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! 

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