Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First Blog!!!

Well this is my first blog ever!  Yay!  I am going to go ahead and point out the obvious that I have TERRIBLE grammatical skills, so please don't judge me...(Amber)  First things first I am only 72 days from my wedding and completely in over my head!  We are so excited, but so overwhelmed all at the same time! Our wedding will be in Mansfield, Ga at a church with our reception at the Wildlife Center after, where I hope everyone will just relax, dance, and have a good time!  We are still trying to figure out our honeymoon since my wonderful husband to be on Valentines day went to jail (for speeding) and we are not sure when his court date will be.
  We will be living in Newnan, Ga which is already a HUGE adjustment for me, to be honest I had a hard time with it because my whole family pretty much is from Covington, and all of my friends are here too... So I am a little bit nervous moving to a place where I don't really know anyone...Lots of life changes for me coming up lol!  
 I work at an interior design store in Conyers, Ga which up until recently I have loved....but I am feeling a bit burnt out on the whole thing which I could rant about forever, but will sum it up with one phrase thing.."under appreciated".   I do love working with design, color, fabrics all of it, but its time for something more...maybe I am just in a job rut and will feel better about things soon!  (God please!) 
   I am absolutely enjoying my book club that just started in January!!  Its my sister Amber and my two fabulous friends Courtney and Lauren!  We are doing one book a month and right now we are reading Emily Giffin books (Jan- "Something Borrowed, Feb- "Something Blue"...etc.  We meet once a month and discuss the book at our favorite restaurant or someones house!  Its sooo FUN!  We are UBER excited about "Something Borrowed" the movie coming out in May!  YAY!!!  Not really sure what else to talk about this time, but I am excited to post about my crazy, and boring life :)  Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!

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