Saturday, June 1, 2013

So we are moving?!

Our home sold within 24 hours of putting it on the market!!  Yes, SOLD for full asking price, and with closing costs covered by the buyer!!  We asked and the Lord said you will receive, we are happy that since our home was a foreclosure we are being blessed with making money off of our home!!    We have to be out July 7th, and so far we have yet to see anything we are just in love with so doing some serious prayers that God allows us to find the right home!!  With that said the reason we are having a hard time I think is some people really do not get the concept of making your home in showing condition.  I understand you don't want to pull all personal things out of your home since you still live there, because I said the same thing, but DE-CLUTTER that crazy mess!  Make your home look functional for any home buyer!! I promise my home is not always perfect, but if I know someone is coming to look at my house I am not going to have so many things jammed in a room were another buyer can't visualize what it will look like.  I think I can usually do a pretty good job of seeing past crazy paint colors, wall paper, brown trim, etc... but when you have junk  piled up it gets a little difficult!  Ok, rant over!!!  Oh, one more thing, don't hang a picture of you and your husband naked over the bed kissing... that can make awkward moments for all! Anyways well we are celebrating my moms birthday tomorrow and I need to start my salted carmel pretzel cupcakes!! :) Oh click on the Welcome to Our Home tab to check out some of the pictures of our home before and after!! :)

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