Saturday, September 20, 2014

I pray... Prayers for my children!

The past couple of months myself and family have discussed, as morbid as this sounds, death.  I have never mentioned this on here before, but my father-in-law passed away on July 3 from a long battle with renal cell cancer.  He was only 48.  With that being said, I feel like the subject of death has been a dominant subject with family members, and the conclusion I have come to is, I want to leave a mark on my small little section of the world, and make a difference.  I feel like in my corner of Georgia,  as a stay at home mom, I am not capable of many things, but I have these 2 little lives entrusted to me from the Lord, Baylor and Stella, who will be my legacy! These are my hopes and prayers for them....
   I pray they know the joy of the Lord that literally makes me want to giggle and cry when I feel it all over me.. (Open up the Heavens by Meredith Andrews makes me bubble over).  I pray they know that their mama loved her Savior and her babies more than her own life! Oh how I love Jesus, I love my quiet times, and can feel him so near I know if I just open my eyes, I will see Him.  I love that he fills every part of my heart and soul!  He has mended my heart and filled, refilled, and filled it again, with his love and grace every time I have given it away. Oh how He loves me.. He loved me so much that he sent me a man that would understand and get every part of me and love me so!  I pray my children know how much I love their father, I love that man to the moon and back a million, billion times!  We aren't perfect, but we love God together!  When Jesus is the center of it all, it makes the bad times a little bit easier.  I pray for their future spouses, who ever they may be I pray they love God so much that their love for God is reflected in their love my children... I can't even express how much this means to me.  My hope for my children is for them to know who they, are and who they are in Christ. I pray they make good choices for their lives, I pray their mistakes be few, and their experiences be many.  I pray they love and respect us!  I pray they respect themselves and be leaders... I pray that they be blessed beyond measure and have joy unspeakable! I hope they know... I pray for them. My heart could burst with all that love I have for them... The verse that keeps flooding my soul is "The Lord has done great things for us, and filled us with joy! -Psalm 126:3
  This has been a rambling of thoughts and prayers, but I hope Baylor and Stella find this one day and see I prayed for them! :)

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